A no-shuffle Deckbuilder?

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Wow – the title of this alone has brought in comments. Here’s my thinking:

Shuffling is the worst part of deckbuilders. It’s annoying, it takes time, it can damage your cards, and worst of all, it gets people into interminable sleeve vs no-sleeve debates. Nevertheless, randomizing purchased cards is at the heart of the deckbuilding genre. If you get rid of it in favor of a no-shuffle approach, you’re really building a whole new kind of game – a deck-sequencing game.

A deck-builder with no shuffling needs to address a few things: how can cards change sequence, and how can the game retain interest if you keep playing the same cards in the same order. I have a few thoughts on the matter, but it will have to wait for another post.


  1. ayessdub October 12, 2013 12:05 am Reply

    Super smart idea. I have often thought about this (unconsciously), and the idea of thinking about when a player adds a card to the ‘deck’ impacts when said card appears in the game itself… it’s pretty cool. I presume some of the cards in this deck would allow players to reconfigure their deck, or at least their hand?

  2. Dan September 23, 2014 2:36 pm Reply
  3. Dan September 23, 2014 2:38 pm Reply

    Wow did I ever butcher that HTML. Should be “City of Iron does something similar” and “something in the style of Legendary Encounters…” =P

  4. isaac@sage70.com September 23, 2014 3:07 pm Reply

    The fun of ordering, rather than shuffling, is that you can guarantee your combos. But this can be achieved in other ways too. For instance, some cards might stay on the table from turn to turn. I also like the idea of a ‘burning ladder’ – that is, in many deck-builders, once you build your engine, you stop buying new functional cards and just buy scoring cards. But what if, in a no-shuffle deck-builder, your earliest cards get discarded – that is, the rope ladder your climbing starts burning from the bottom up – and you need to buy new cards to deal with that?

  5. Sye April 30, 2015 5:36 am Reply

    This is a really cool idea. I might try to play with it and see what I can come up with. I think a deck-sequencing game, with the burning ladder element would be awesome.


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