Hippos Go Berserk – Newest Iteration

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I’ve gotten some great feedback on this game, and I will be experimenting with a few different ideas. The main trouble with the game right now is that it’s bogging down under the weight of the movement rules. Instead of chaotic fun, there’s too much planning ahead. To deal with that, I’m going to introduce some changes:

  • Tortoises can now deflect Hippos regardless of which side the Hippo hits from. As a result, rotating tortoises is now removed from the game.
  • At the start of the turn, Hippo movement will be determined by dice roll. Then, in free-for-all action, players will roll three dice each for Tortoise movement. Players can re-roll all or some of their dice as often as they like. A player can assign a Tortoise by slapping his die (which indicate direction) on that Tortoise. As soon as he has, he can’t re-roll any other dice and must assign them. Once a Tortoise is assigned, he can’t be assigned by any other player.
  • Hippo movement gets resolved simultaneously after all dice are placed.

Ok, I think this will be the next playtest. Should be more frantic, anyway. I also have to reconsider how Hippos bounce off of walls and Tortoises.

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